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Tariku Coffee

We are here to introduce to you the best organic coffee beans with a sweet, spicy/winey flavour and balanced body with the right acidity.

Tariku Coffee

Tariku Coffee is privately owned established in 2011 enthusiastically exported Organic Ethiopia Sidama Coffee straight from the highlands of the Regional State of Sidama and West Arsi of Oromia. Tariku Coffee Farms are located at Bensa of the Regional State of Sidama and at  Werka of the West Arsi  both  at altitudes between 1993 and 2150 meters above sea level resulting in our high graded coffee beans. Coffee from these areas are commonly known as Sidama Coffee and the areas have been known for  organic coffee as it is a core part of our culture in these highlands. 


Tariku Coffee

Why Tariku Coffee

  • We are an awarded Coffee exporter with Grade-one Coffee beans certified to bring you high quality coffee.  
  • Our dedication to keep our products 100% Organic coffee beans starting from our own coffee farm, natural processing and use of organic raw material.  
  • Our consistency to always provide our clients first grade products with each harvesting season.

Our coffee bean production process

Coffee Tree
Harvesting the Cherries
Drying the Beans (Sun-dried)
Processing the Cherries
Milling the Beans
Exporting the Beans
  • Our vision is to establish an outstanding company that generates sustainable profit through constant transactions of high-quality products and contribute to the economic growth of our country. 
  • To lead the import service industries in East Africa by providing quality products, with a passion for customer-driven services. 
  • To execute our operation sustainably by being responsible for the interest of our customers, our employees, our growers and concerned for community at large.
  • To provide products that will always meet our standards as well as both national and international coffee export business laws.
  •  To contribute back into our society in respect of environmentally, economically and socially in line with providing fully traceable and quality coffee for our buyers.
  • To create complete transparency with our clients that will long term trust and a deeper understanding of the intrinsic value of coffee.
  • To gain adequate experience that would increases revenue of our farmers, drives innovation and opens new markets.  

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